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Business Services

Team Facilitation

  • Increase performance and efficiency

  • Foster teamwork

  • Improve team dynamics


No matter how strong collective skillsets are within a team, if the dynamics are not working, performance will suffer. My role as an impartial facilitator is to guide groups through SMART goals, enable ideas & solutions and to create successful roadmaps with tangible actions to facilitate progress to the next level.


Team Coaching

Team coaching is where I contribute my extensive experience to the table to work with the team engaging in dialogue and reflection, challenging where necessary, with a view to improving process and performance. I have vast experience working with teams in both large multi-national companies & smaller settings in indigenous Irish companies. My background is in manufacturing, Information Technology, and Finance. I have worked with various teams from large multi-cultural teams, spanning the globe, to local close-knit teams, each addressing very different challenges.

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Mentoring focuses on development of the mentee, looking beyond the current situation, and taking a more holistic and longer-term view of career and objectives. Coaching focuses more on actual performance and utilizes goal setting to achieve on-the-job performance. I bring my considerable knowledge and experience to enhance this process. Compatibility of mentor and mentee is an important factor in this relationship.

It is important to note that a blended offering of coaching and mentoring may be the most suitable for the client depending on their unique requirements and circumstances.

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These services are bespoke, designed to suit the specific requirements of a company or business. Please get in touch and we can discuss your options.

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